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Investing in a future post - covid world calls for caution

For many it's a time to re-evaluate and to take a considered approach to investment strategies as we enter the 'new normal' era.

'Diversification is King!' - a common refrain from investment analysts the world over.

The advantages of diversifying a portfolio are, of course, well documented with real estate as an asset class offering many opportunities to diversify. Differing categories of property bring varying levels of risk but for those investors with a longer term vision the stability of bricks & mortar, in whatever guise, as a tangible asset can be an overriding factor.

However, direct / sole ownership may not be an option for some investors due to insufficient funds, lack of time and / or experience for property management or they merely recognise their attitude to risk dictates a more cautious approach.

A number of avenues are available for those wishing to buy real estate but who seek the comfort that a diversified portfolio extends to investors.

We are focusing on syndicated property investment schemes that can achieve financial security through diversification by allocating capital to a range of property classes, markets and jurisdictions.

A property syndicate is a platform to invest in income generating real estate for like minded investors without the need to finance or manage the property. The syndicate's asset managers and administrators invest funds and subsequently manage the properties on behalf of the member's.


The acquisition targets are core and add-value opportunities in the UK and Spain with the potential to generate stable, long-term income streams and capital appreciation with a low risk profile. The investment strategy combines diversity with the security of residential and commercial property portfolios across two jurisdictions. This helps to ensure the assets are more resilient to the impacts of the pandemic and any post Brexit influences by geography and sector.

Investment synergy - In these times of uncertainty; syndicated property investment offers an attractive, lower-risk alternative option for investors

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