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Foreign buyers increase market share in Q2 with much stronger growth than local demand

Foreign demand for property in Spain increased at a much faster rate than local demand in the second quarter, giving foreign buyers an increased market share, show the latest figures from the Spanish land registrars’ association.

There were 24,029 Spanish home sales involving a foreign buyer inscribed in the Spanish land registry in Q2, up 76% compared to the same time last year. In comparison local demand (sales involving Spanish buyers) was up just 13% to 139,880, resulting in an increase in total sales of 19.5% to 163,909. The chart below shows foreign demand each quarter in the dark columns (left axis) and the year-on-year change in green (right axis).

With foreign demand growing much faster than local demand the market share of foreign buyers rose to 14.7% in Q2, the highest level on record according to the data provided by the registrars as illustrated in the next chart.

Investment Synergy - Growth from foreign buyers adds a level of diversity that makes Spain an interesting proposition!

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